Saturday, May 31, 2014

And now I wait.

Patience is a virtue.
So is my mantra of life because I am an incredibly impatient person. 

My papers were turned in last week and it should come within two weeks! But alas, I have nothing to do to pass the time until my call comes. I've tried everything; Pinterest, math homework, movies, long drives, reading, journal writing, etc. Time still drags on. But hey, time will fly and I'll have my call in no time. Just... patience. 

Everyone keeps asking me where I want to go. I always used to get so frustrated when I would ask missionaries waiting for their call where they wanted to go. Most of them would answer "wherever the Lord sends me." WELL OF COURSE YOU'RE GOING WHERE HE SENDS YOU. But now that I am a future missionary I understand what they mean. Our preferences don't matter. I don't want to dwell so much on one place and then be disappointed when I get called somewhere else. Sure I have places in mind, but thinking too much about them will make me go crazy. After all, missions are not for the destination. Missions are for the people. 
I feel so inspirational. 

Cue inspirational picture. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Almost there!

The family has been told!
I stood up on a park bench and said that I had an announcement. Like clockwork the yells started.
I don't know where the pregnant one came from.
Most of my family was shocked but they were also excited for me. I'll be the first girl to serve a mission in my immediate family. Seeing as I've been the introverted type all my life, most of them didn't think that I would ever consider a mission! I like proving people wrong.

Since then I have finished my medical work and I am all set to go! I talked to my bishop yesterday and he said that by this next Sunday I will have an interview with the stake president and then my papers will be in! 
I'm so close!