Monday, April 27, 2015

I'M FULL (Saltillo)

Today we went to eat with an Hermana that is the cutest woman I have ever met. She paints, she sews, she crochets, she knits, she cooks, and she always wears a dress or a skirt. It was the best food that I've had in a long time, so naturally I stuffed myself and had to unzip my skirt a little bit. We drank horchata that tasted like a candle. A really delicious candle. Luckily there was a cyber internet place just a few feet from her house because I wouldn't have been able to walk all the way to Mirasierra with my full stomach. 
We're going to have a baptism! Her name is Victoria (Vicky) and she's 9 years old. I'm sure I've told you about her before. She's the daughter of a less active family. She always has a HUGE smile on her face and applies the gospel amazingly. One time we were teaching her and she asked us "How can I apply the gospel in the life of my family?" And then we were watching The Restoration and she said "Oh I get it! They were in an apostasy!" And I had to give her a high five because that's an awsome thing for a nine year old to say. She's going to be baptized by her dad May 9th. Right before transfers (timed that right on). I told them that I will most likely be leaving and the Hermano said that he's going to ask the mission president to keep me in this area until I die. I really was happy to hear someone say that, BUT PLEASE DON'T KEEP ME HERE. If I could come and visit these people whenever I wanted, that would be awesome. 
Will you take me back to Mexico, mom? Dad? I promise they will feed you well. 

Sarcasm doesn't really exist here in Mexico and I admit I have offended my companion one too many times. I was at a house of a family the other day and they had a HUGE bowl of eggs. I mean, like 30 eggs. I was standing near to it and I told the Hermano, meaning to be funny, "You need more eggs." and he just looked in the bowl with a face like "Is she crazy? We have like 30." So I just stood there with a stupid grin on my face and he just looked at me and we just stood there in awkwardness. 
Imagine how awkward I am normally. Now imagine me as a missionary. Now imagine me trying to learn Spanish. I'm pretty sure all of you are squirming in your seats from imagining all that awkwardness. 

HEY. In one year I won't be in Mexico. I'll be home. That's weird. I still get confused sometimes when people ask me about amounts of time. So today I told someone that I only had 6 months left. I THOUGHT he asked me how much time I had. Sigh. Spanish. 

We had a less active member come to church after only inviting her one time. WOOOOOOOOOOO. I think my mission is going to be a mission of reactivation. Hna Bravo and I are pro now. 

Anyway, I love you all tons. I hope you are all enjoying the weather. I now have a nice white line from my bag strap. My companion thought the back of my neck was super dirty, but it just turns out that I'm really tan. And the other day I was mistaken for a Mexicana. The mission life is great. 

Anyway. Bye. 

Hna Judith being all cute. And my companion and I being all... missionaryish. 
Hermana Murset
Just wanted to forward something that the president sent me. I almost cried. I'm doing well!

Felicidades por esos 8 inactivos que fueron a la capilla. No cabe duda... ningún esfuerzo que hace una misionera se desperdicia.
Gracias a Dios por la luz que se empieza a ver al final del tunel. Espero que los planes que tienen de bautizar se concreten.
Se que usted tiene debilidades, aun asi, es una excelente misionera, yo lo se.
I'll just translate the last line. 
:I know that you have weaknesses, but even at that, you are an excellent missionary, I know it. 

If you knew the mission president, that's like a present of gold. 
Love you!
Hermana Murset

Monday, April 20, 2015

YAY CENTRO (Saltillo)

We went to a place called Centro today and I was practically watering at the mouth from all the COOL STUFF. I restrained myself though, don't worry. I only bought a couple things and I only have plans to go and buy the whole place out.

We are teaching the daughter of a less active family and she is AWESOME. (I'm really going wild with the capital letters today.) She's nine years old and she's about ready to jump into the baptisimal font. Her whole entire family came to church yesterday and when they got there she ran up to us and told us that she had changed cheerleading teams so that she could come to church on Sunday! Her dad is preparing so that he can baptize her and we hope to see her jump into the font (reverently) May 9th! She's cute and always has a huge smile on her face. 

Lucero, one of our investigators, told us the other day that she prayed and that she feels like this is the right path for her. We certainly weren't expecting her to say that because she has pretty much no facial expression and it's really hard to read her. But she's been doing all the homework that we tell her, she's been to church, and now she's reading the Book of Mormon! All in the matter of two weeks, that's why I haven't said anything about her. The only problem that we might have is that her whole family is Catholic and to switch religions, well that's just a little scary. So we'll see. She's awesome and is always waiting at the door when we come! Oh, she's the one who taped the picture of the Resurrected Christ on her front door. 

I don't even remember what I did for my birthday... Oh yeah! I woke up, walked out of my room, and found that Hna. Bravo had decorated and made a cake for me. She's sweet :) I recieved birthday calls all morning and the senior missionaries gave me some delicious arroz con leche. The next day I celebrated with a family. They actually probably posted the pictures on Facebook. The Aguirre Sanchez family. They are awesome and are always so excited to see the missionaries! A tradition here is that they make you bite into the cake... and I got my face shoved in it... twice. Let's just say that I was blowing frosting out of my nose for quite some time. It was a good birthday. I just can't believe that I'm 20! 20 years of life! Okay I need to stop talking about that now because I feel like I'm old. 

Yesterday we had EIGHT less active members that we've been working with come to church! We were just a little bit excited. 

I hope all is well and that you are having a great time wherever you may be! Hna. Bravo told me that my Spanish is getting a lot better each and every day. So you can celebrate that with me, if you want. 

Love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Murset

Hi mom hi dad! So I'm wondering, what do you want from Mexico? I won't be able to send it home because that's just too scary. But really anything that you could want you can find here. 

The area is doing better! We're finding more people. But I still can't wait until I get moved to another area. 
The way that we teach our lessons is: we open up with a hymn and a prayer. Then we use the pamphlets that we have. We used the pamphlets more with Hna Peneranda. With Hna Bravo she just talks the whole time. I'm usually the one who shares the scriptures. But we make sure to ask a lot of questions. We usually have the invesitgator close the lesson with a prayer. 

When it rains it pours! We don't carry anything around, we usually just get soaked. 
The yard is looking nice!
I love you both!

Hermana Murset

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I'm going to work all day, that's what I'm going to do. Missionary life, what up. 
I'm sad to be leaving my teenage years.... But now I'm going to have an even number of years again and that makes me happy because I like even numbers. 

This week I went to a baptism and afterwards we got lucky and were told to clean the chapel. So I'm cleaning away, chatting with my old zone leader, when an Hermano in his 40's comes up to me, points, and says something that I didn't understand. My old zone leader, Elder Monteroso had a blank look on his face as well and we just stood there staring at the Hermano while he kept repeating the phrase. I was thinking "That is not the language they taught me at the MTC..." (Best Two Years reference.) 

But then I realized that maybe he wasn't speaking Spanish so I asked him what it meant and his face lit up and he did a gesture like a magician unveiling something and said "It's Korean for Beautiful Star!" Uh.... My face turned red from blushing because what could I say... thanks? I said thank you and he walked away. Then Elder Monteroso said: "You just got courted!" And now I have a marriage prospect in Mexico. 

We had two investigators come to church yesterday!! I hope it wasn't as long for them as it was for me. I was STARVING. Fast Sundays just really pound me into the dust. But I think they really liked it :) And some of our less actives came! It was a Sunday of fist pumps and "YES's". 

Yesterday we got stuck in the chapel after our missionary stake meeting because a storm rolled in in less than 3 minutes and dumped hail and rain on us. So all 30 of us missionaries were stuck in the chapel for about an hour. We tried to stay organized, but we just ended up watching out the windows in excitment as the heavens dumped down on us. Then we had to run home in the rain and we got drenched. And would you know it, today is bright and sunny. 

I forgot my camera cord so I can't send pictures... 

But I love you! I hope you have a great week!!

OH. And turns out they to have daylight savings time here. I'm dying. 

-Hermana Murset

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hellohellohello Saltillo

Don't worry, folks. I stopped moping around about my area in like 5 hours because there ain't no time to mope around in the mission! Well, unless there isn't flour tortillas in the meal, but that's only for like... 3 seconds. 

The other day we had an interesting experience. We had been walking and walking and walking all day like usual. We had gone to every house that we could think of and we didn't really know where else to go. So we sat down on a rock to ponder on our options. We decided to go get ice cream. So we walked to a corner store named OXXO and when we walked in I saw a man and a woman shopping around. As soon as I walked in they looked up and stared at me. It was quite unsettling. I walked over to the ice cream section, all the while watching them as they stole glances at me. I just thought it was because I was gringa or something. They bought their stuff and walked out, smiling widely at me through the window as they walked away like we had known each other for ages. 

Uh... so I picked my double fudge ice cream cone and went to go pay for it. They walked back into the store to get something, we paid, and walked out. Then as we're walking away I hear "Do you speak Spanish?" I responded that I did and then they introduced themselves and told us that they always see us walking around near where they live. So we introduced ourselves as missionaries and all that. 

Then like good ol missionaries we asked for their direction so we could go visit them. All the man said was "The house with arches and pine trees." Then my mouth dropped open because I knew exactly what house it was! ONLY THE BIGGEST MANSION I HAVE EVER SEEN. It's stuck randomly in the middle of dinky little houses and I've always wondered who lives there. Then they told us to tell our leaders to sell our house so that we could come live with them. 
It was an interesting experience. We're going to visit them today. 

I have turned about 5 shades darker of skin color in just one week. You should be jealous of my tanlines. It's only in the 80's but the sun is super intense. And now the cockroaches are coming into our house where it's slightly cooler. When they told me that the cockroaches here are huge, they weren't kidding. If I find them I let them outside like my mom taught me. If Hna. Bravo finds them, she smashes them with a broom. Don't get on her bad sides, she wields cleaning products with vim and vigor. 

Anyway, I'm doing great. I hope you all got to watch General Conference! I was lucky and got to watch it in English. The choir was on point, the talks were as well, and I was taking notes like there was no tomorrow. General Conference on the mission really is 10x better. 

Happy late Easter! I invite you all to go watch the amazing Easter video that the church put out. I don't know what it's called in English... but in Spanish it's called "Gracias a que él vive" so in English I would assume that it's "Thanks that He lives" I have no idea. Anyway, it's really cool and it makes me cry every time. Easter is such a special time to remember Christ, but the fact is, we should remember Him every single day!

Love you tons. Have a great week!

Hermana Valerio and I (with my hair looking wild) with our friend. Cat ladies!

The Hermanas in my zone. They're great. And tan.