About Megan

Disclaimer: This is not a picture of me. 
It is my cat.

Jesus Christ is my best friend.

So is Veronica.

I collect religious paintings.
Greg Olsen, Joseph Brickey, Rose Datoc Dall, Simon Dewey, to name a few.

Cereal is my lifeblood.

Tigers are my spirit animal.

Before I decided to serve, I was a ballet major at Utah Valley University.

I once hula hooped for an hour straight. I put that on my list of accomplishments while filling out my mission papers.

If I could, I would wear graphic t shirts every. single. day.

I enjoy a good pun.

I am bookish.

I love my family.

Heck, just check out my Pinterest.

Lastly, México is my favorite country at the moment.

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