Monday, April 6, 2015

Hellohellohello Saltillo

Don't worry, folks. I stopped moping around about my area in like 5 hours because there ain't no time to mope around in the mission! Well, unless there isn't flour tortillas in the meal, but that's only for like... 3 seconds. 

The other day we had an interesting experience. We had been walking and walking and walking all day like usual. We had gone to every house that we could think of and we didn't really know where else to go. So we sat down on a rock to ponder on our options. We decided to go get ice cream. So we walked to a corner store named OXXO and when we walked in I saw a man and a woman shopping around. As soon as I walked in they looked up and stared at me. It was quite unsettling. I walked over to the ice cream section, all the while watching them as they stole glances at me. I just thought it was because I was gringa or something. They bought their stuff and walked out, smiling widely at me through the window as they walked away like we had known each other for ages. 

Uh... so I picked my double fudge ice cream cone and went to go pay for it. They walked back into the store to get something, we paid, and walked out. Then as we're walking away I hear "Do you speak Spanish?" I responded that I did and then they introduced themselves and told us that they always see us walking around near where they live. So we introduced ourselves as missionaries and all that. 

Then like good ol missionaries we asked for their direction so we could go visit them. All the man said was "The house with arches and pine trees." Then my mouth dropped open because I knew exactly what house it was! ONLY THE BIGGEST MANSION I HAVE EVER SEEN. It's stuck randomly in the middle of dinky little houses and I've always wondered who lives there. Then they told us to tell our leaders to sell our house so that we could come live with them. 
It was an interesting experience. We're going to visit them today. 

I have turned about 5 shades darker of skin color in just one week. You should be jealous of my tanlines. It's only in the 80's but the sun is super intense. And now the cockroaches are coming into our house where it's slightly cooler. When they told me that the cockroaches here are huge, they weren't kidding. If I find them I let them outside like my mom taught me. If Hna. Bravo finds them, she smashes them with a broom. Don't get on her bad sides, she wields cleaning products with vim and vigor. 

Anyway, I'm doing great. I hope you all got to watch General Conference! I was lucky and got to watch it in English. The choir was on point, the talks were as well, and I was taking notes like there was no tomorrow. General Conference on the mission really is 10x better. 

Happy late Easter! I invite you all to go watch the amazing Easter video that the church put out. I don't know what it's called in English... but in Spanish it's called "Gracias a que él vive" so in English I would assume that it's "Thanks that He lives" I have no idea. Anyway, it's really cool and it makes me cry every time. Easter is such a special time to remember Christ, but the fact is, we should remember Him every single day!

Love you tons. Have a great week!

Hermana Valerio and I (with my hair looking wild) with our friend. Cat ladies!

The Hermanas in my zone. They're great. And tan. 

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