Sunday, August 31, 2014

So I was a really cute baby. 
That's irrelevant. 

Ever since I decided to stop being stubborn and go on a mission I have been looking back on my life. Once I received my call everything became clear. All the little decisions I made, all the big decisions I made, all led me to this. I won't go into details, but boy, it's like I planned on going on a mission my entire life.
Even though I am terrified out of my wits, especially now that I've realized I only have 6 weeks left, nothing has ever felt so right.
Here's where the baby bit comes in. 
When I received my baby blessing those 19 years ago a dear lady transcribed it for me, which I am thankful for because most people don't have theirs written down. It's been sitting in my baby scrapbook all these years. I can't tell you how many times I've read that blessing and thought how cool it was that it says that I'll love books. I mean, that's super accurate. 

"...bless you that you will prepare yourself in every way to serve a mission, and as things are in line, in due time, that you will be able to."

You mean to say I've had this right in front of me this whole time?! And I've never noticed it?!
I've always prided myself in being extremely observant. I guess that claim can be thrown out the window. 
If I thought this felt right before, now it just seems RIGHT. Capitalized. Italics.

Thank heavens for baby scrapbooks and their preserving nature. 

Not only did this help my solidify my decision to go, I also gained a powerful testimony of the priesthood. My dad has the power of the priesthood and Heavenly Father trusted that my dad would say the words that I needed to hear, even all these years later. 

So here is my plea to all you new parents out there:
Transcribe your children's baby blessings! It will mean the world to them in years to come.

Look at me. So cute and unaware that someday I will be scared out of my mind because I'm going to live in Mexico for a while. 

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