Monday, December 8, 2014

Yoo Hoo! Saltillo

Every morning when I wake up I think ¨WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING HERE.¨ I still can´t believe I´m here... This all began as a little tiny thought way back in March, and now I´m roaming the streets of Mexico, stopping people and talking to them in broken Spanish. But the people are usually nice and my companion helps me out when I get that blank look on my face that means I-have-no-idea-what-I´m-saying-please-help-me. She´s great like that. 
I finally remembered to attach pictures to this email so I don´t have to send two emails. If it looks like I´ve gained weight, it´s because I have six layers of clothing and I might have eaten 8 tortillas de harina (homemade flour tortillas) yesterday... 
It´s not that cold here, but the past two days have been super foggy and humid. It´s so foggy that I can´t even see the huge mountain range that surrounds Saltillo. THERE ARE DOGS EVERYWHERE. Whoa, Megan, calm down. Dogs aren´t that bad. Well having little chiuahuas follow you around nipping at your heels makes me want to kick them into space. None of the dogs like us here... We´re fitting right into the Mormon missionary stereotype. It´s great. I love it. 
Contacting people on the street is hard. It´s hard to figure out who to stop, what to say, etc. All last week I was having a hard time because it´s like ¨Hey you! Do you know your purpose in life?¨ I mean, imagine having a complete stranger white girl stop you and ask you that. But then one day I woke up and said, ¨whatever.¨ I contacted 13 people that day. One of them just happened to be a lady who was baptized as a kid, but then never ended up going to church. She had gone to different churches throughout her life but she had never stuck with one. She was so happy that we stopped and talked to her! Another one resulted in an appointment and the lady said that her daughter is interested as well! I hope they listen to our message.
IT´S CHRISTMAS TIME. Yay. It doesn´t feel like Christmas. But Hna. Peñaranda and I put up a tiny cardboard Christmas tree and now I feel all festive.
My Spanish? I taught myself the verb ¨to sneeze¨ the other day. Yeah, it´s going fantastic. No problem. Moving on. 
I was teaching the first lesson (The Restoration) the other day and I forgot what I was saying halfway through. So to buy some time I sunk slowly into a chair and pretended like I was in deep thought, pondering about the next inspired thing I was going to say. All eyes (there were 7 people) followed me- they were listening very intently- and they stared at me until I said ¨I forgot.¨ And then they busted up laughing. The people here are awesome. 
I have also been kissed on the cheek more times than I ever have in my life. I´m sure you can imagine my reaction when someone did that to me for the first time. WHAT ARE YOU oh. 

Heat up a cornbag for me and stay warm.
I love you all even though I can´t respond to your emails. I´m responding to them in my mind as I read them so just develop the sense of mind reading and we´ll all be happy. 
I love you!

-Hermana M-ohr-set
That´s how they pronounce it.
 We feel more Christmassy now that we have our cardboard tree up.

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