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Hola Las Personas December 15, 2014 Saltillo

     Another week has come and gone and spell check still thinks I´m spelling words wrong. That rhymed. I feel very accomplished right now.

     Numero uno de mis experiencias: So for the past week my upper back has been hurting because I haven´t had anyone around to crack it. I never thought having people who could crack backs would be a privilege, but it is. So we were visiting an older couple and teaching them a lesson and what not. When we were about to leave Hna. Peñaranda mentioned my back pain and they started talking about how so and so is really good at cracking backs. Then they turned to me and asked if I wanted my back cracked. HALLELUJAH YES. Well this is were the problem of only knowing HALF of what people are saying comes in. I nodded yes and all of the sudden this little old man is trying to crack my back! I was very bewildered and was flailing around trying to figure out what was going on. Then he patted my back, rubbed my shoulders for a second, and said 'Your ears are red!' Oh dear. Anyway. That happened.

     Numero dos: I taught a drunk man how to pray. A very, very, very drunk man. Interestingly enough, it was a very spiritual experience. I can now put that on my list of accomplishments. 

It was a weird week. 

     Missionary work is difficult. Often times it´s difficult to know if I´m doing enough or if I´m slacking. There are so many aspects to the work that every single day is different. And while we´re teaching our investigators I´m realizing how important it is that they gain a testimony for themselves. They can´t lean on the testimonies of us Hermanas for forever, eventually they´re going to have to be independent.

      I think that´s the hardest part of the work, getting people to keep their commitments. But it is so exciting to watch people when we teach because you can see that they are recognizing what we are teaching and that things that they had always had questions about are now starting to be answered. Even though a mission is hard, I know that it´s worth it. Everyday as we´re walking, and walking, and walking we sing hymns. I do a very rousing version of ´WE MUST ALL PRESS ON IN THE WORK OF THE LORD!´ If you ever feel down, sing a hymn. Very loudly. It helps. 

I love you all soooo much. You better believe it. 

Adiós! (Which means ´to God´)

Hermana Murset

PostScript to My Parents:
     I am going to try to call on Christmas day but we still haven´t been able to get ahold of a family who will let us use their computer. I want to be able to see at least a little bit of the family! We have a family in mind and when we set a time and date I will ask them to tell you on Facebook or something so that you can know faster than next Monday.
     Those geese! That would annoy me. If dogs annoy me here I can´t imagine having geese everywhere. 
I promise I´m dressing warm enough! I do layer. But yeah, there are a couple of members that always fuss over me. I think it´s because my nose gets red really easily when it´s cold and then they think I´m dying of frostbite. But yeah, it gets cold here. I need to buy a smaller coat. I don´t like wearing my huge one. Makes me look like I´m journeying to the Antarctic. 
     Don´t overwork yourself, ma! I´m glad that you´re so busy with music stuff, that´s exciting! I promise that when I get home I´ll listen to all of your songs.
How´s the yard coming?  How is Minnie? 
     I will admit, this week has been hard. My companion probably thinks I have water for a brain because I keep crying. It´s like ´Pass the bread´ and I start tearing up because in this one lesson with this one person I didn´t follow a prompting because I couldn´t say it in Spanish and they just happened to have a loaf of bread on their table. Sigh. I have never been so emotionally drained. But we must all press on in the work of the Lord, right? Right. 
     I hope it feels Christmasy up in Utah! It doesn´t feel that way here. But that´s okay. I play Christmas music almost everyday. 
I love you I love you.
My arrival at the mission November 24, 2014.  With Mission President Rodriguez and his wife Sister Rodriguez.

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