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La Navidad December 29, 2014 Saltillo

     Hello hello hello! How was everyone's Christmas? My Christmas Eve was quite a trip. First we were fed tamales by a member. Then we were fed mole and pasta (weird combination) by a recent convert. Then 20 minutes after that we were fed, once again, tamales. AND spagetti, meatloaf, and beans. And they kept feeding us... and feeding us... and I almost threw up. And every day since then, we have been fed tamales. No dessert. Just tamales. I am grateful, but I never want to see tamales again. 

     Christmas Eve was such an odd day because there was NOBODY in the streets. So my companion and I are walking down the road alone, I'm singing Jingle Bells, and my voice is echoing in the air. I felt like I was in a movie and that some light Christmas music should be playing and snow should be falling.... But in reality I was in a light sweater and kids were setting off fireworks somewhere. I realized how set apart from the world missionaries are! Especially as we went house to house telling everyone Merry Christmas. It was good, but it was odd. 

     Anyway, I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas and had a wonderful time with their families!! Only one more Christmas left and then I'll be home and I'll be an awkward returned missionary who doesn't know what to do with her life. Yay!

     The other day it randomly started pouring rain as we were walking home. That was another movie moment. You always see people in movies walk out into the rain and within 10 seconds they're drenched. I always thought that was so dramatic couldn't possibly happen. Well now I can testify that yes, you can get drenched within 10 seconds. So we're walking in the rain and it's silent because it's night time and it felt like Victorian times and I expected a man on horseback to come galloping up and cry out "Damsels! Art thou in distress?" I have a pretty good imagination...  

     My Spanish is coming along well! I didn't realize how much I have learned until my companion made me call a bunch of people. Yeesh. But don't you worry about me, I'm communicating great!

    Our investigators are well. One Hermana wants to be baptized so badly but she wants her whole family to be baptized with her and her husband isn't keeping his commitments. So she's talking to us and she tells us that she is nothing without her husband and whatnot. But then 5 seconds after she told us that she prayed to Heavenly Father that if her husband was going to keep her from the gospel, to please take him out of her life.  We were sitting there listening going WWWWHHHAAATTT... Yeah. She's a strong one. 

I love you all! Gotta go buy food and water so we can live.


Hermana Murset

My zone Christmas party.  December 20, 2014.  Here I am, in Saltillo, Mexico!

Christmas Eve.

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