Monday, October 13, 2014

I wrote this... two months ago.

I would rather be cuddling with kittens right now than doing what I'm doing.
I can hear all your gasps from here. HEINOUS CRIME, DISLIKING SHOPPING! Calm down, this is a different kind of shopping. This is the kind of shopping that will cause your brain to explode and make you question everything you know about yourself and what your favorite color is. 
Yes, this is missionary clothes shopping. 

Here is my dilemma. When I got called to Mexico, I thought: 
Oh! Mexico! Hot, hot, hot weather. Very light fabric. Linen. As little layering as possible. Lot's of bright colors because that's the culture. Can I wear a serape or would that be offensive?

I went a little crazy. I would spend all day online scouring the internet looking for the perfect navy blue skirt. I wore myself pretty thin in just a week and after all that looking I only ended up with one skirt that I somehow acquired from a warehouse in Korea.
And then I realized something. I would be there for two winters and only one summer... not only that, it doesn't get that hot there and the winters are pretty cold. You mean to say it won't be hot, hot hot?!
I also seemed to be sticking to my normal color scheme; jewel tones. Not at all like the bright reds and yellows I was trying to go for. What was my problem?!

I had to change my whole mindset. I needed to stop making flowcharts about how blue goes with everything and thus needs to be a staple in my wardrobe.  (Slight exaggeration) I told myself to calm down and get my mind straight.
So I got over myself and headed over to the places that everyone and their dog were suggesting.

I didn't have time to take pictures of all the things I got, so I'll just tell you where I got them. Cool? Cool.

I steered clear from Mika Rose because everyone was telling me to go there. *Rolls eyes* I don't like people telling me what to do. Good thing I'm going on a mission, right? As soon as I walked in I was instantly sucked in. Quality stuff.

As soon as I started looking for clothes my mom suggested that I stop by Mr. Mac. I refused to because I swore that I would never shop anywhere that was specifically for missionaries. Well... turns out I got some of my favorite stuff from there. A dress that doesn't wrinkle? Score.

I have NO problem thrift shopping. D.I. is a great place to get skirts! Plus they're already worn a bit so the skirts are more comfortable. I shopped at D.I. in high school. Such a hipster.

If you don't mind sifting through literally thousands of skirts, shirts, sweaters, and who knows what, then is for you. I'm all about shopping online and this site was like heaven for me.

Be careful with Etsy though. You'll start looking for a navy blue skirt and then next thing you know you're just set on finding the perfect pair of earrings with real flowers pressed into them. True story. I eventually found my navy blue skirt and it is my favorite skirt that I'm taking!

Target, Ross, T J Maxx
I'm all about plain basic shirts and these places did not disappoint. Also tights, socks, gloves... they have everything.

My sister was super generous and bought my bag for me. We looked in the men's department under messenger bags and found the perfect bag! Wwwaaay cheaper than the ones we were looking at on Etsy.

Cobb Hill
I bought a pair of shoes from here and they are heavenly. My mission is a walking mission so I am getting the comfiest shoes that I can find. No matter how clunky they look.

My mom is a firm believer in Clarks. I am a firm believer in Clarks. Do not skimp on shoes. Your feet will have no rest for a year and a half!

I may add to list further on down the road, but man I am so busy!

Do not stress about shopping. Obviously not everything you get will match with each other. Get the basics, then move from there.
Good luck!

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