Friday, October 17, 2014

Hermana Murset here.

My P-day is Friday, by the way. I am alive! That's the most important thing, right?
Getting dropped off at the MTC was a bit weird. It's not like I'm coming home in two months or I can call to say that I am alive and well and that my companion isn't beating me up. 

When I went to go get my missionary name tag it was given to me by none other than Aunt Debbie's sister! She recognized my last name and commented that it was her sister's last name as well. Then we had this whole excited yelling thing while we made the connection. So that was pretty cool. 

Then I went to go get my luggage and the sister who showed me around was this girl that I went to college with, McCall Madsen! That was crazy. And on the way to my room I saw Caitlyn Hirschi. Then I saw Bailee Hirschi in the cafeteria. AND I found out that my friend Shaeli Bettridge (sp?) is in the MTC going to Japan. It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all, IT'S A SMALL WORLD AFTER ALLLLL. 

Anyway. I was taken to my classroom after that and as soon as I walk in, Hermana Hearne (my teacher) starts chattering away in Spanish to me. I could understand about half of what she was saying and through lots of hand gestures and wide eyed bewilderment I was able to understand what she was telling me to do. She refuses to speak in English. I guess that's okay but sometimes my eye starts twitching in annoyance. I'm learning to have Christ-like thoughts as well as Christ-like actions. We did a whole bunch of other stuff the first day but for you to read it would be pretty boring. Don't worry, I wrote it in my journal for my posterity.
I have two companions! I guess the Lord decided that I needed extra help. Hermana Dalton and Hermana Valerio. I'm taller than them and I always sit in the middle of them so we look extra aesthetically pleasing. They think I'm crazy. And weird for letting my cereal get soggy at breakfast. But we work well together and haven't gotten to the point of wanting to strangle each other yet. 

We're already teaching an investigator today in Spanish and we are freaking out. My district is still getting to know each other but over the next few weeks I'm probably going to know what their hopes and dreams are and all sorts of personal stuff. 

We have 3 hours of classroom time without a teacher to have personal study companionship study, and language study. We also have two hours of class time with our teacher and we have another 5 hours (just kidding I don't know how long) of class time for who knows what. Our classroom is our home. My companions and I are the only Hermanas in our district and all of us, Hermanas and Elders are going to the same place. Except Elder Vauhn. He's going to Chicago. 

Long story short, I'm good. The first day was hard because I'm SICK (bah) and it was hard to pay attention. Plus I was feeling wwwaaayyy in over my head. But we were sitting in class learning how to testify in Spanish and our teacher told us (in Spanish so I'm paraphrasing) that even though we know a tiny bit of Spanish, she was still feeling the Spirit. That made me feel a lot better. I was losing focus on what I was here for and only worrying about the language. But now I'm great. I feel like I've been here for a week and I keep saying "back when I first got here." 

Long email. Sorry. I'm starting to think in Spanish. That's good. 
OH. Please please please use I want to hear from you and that is same day delivery. Or send me hand written letters. Or emails. Whatever floats your boat. 
I love you all! I love the Lord! I love my companions! I love my district! I love cereal! 

Have a great week!

Sister Megan Murset
2007 N 900 E Unit 82
Provo UT 84602

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