Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mi Ultima Semana (Saltillo) (May 4, 2015)

Wow let's just pretend like I never said that... I just wanted to try out a new opening for my email... forgive me. 
The other day I put on my bright red skirt that I bought overpriced from a random vendor. It only goes with one shirt that I have, so I wear it every time we have a special-ish occasion. When I went to go ask how much it was the lady just stared at me. So I repeated it... and she stared. Then my companion said the exact same thing and the lady responded. Us gringos have a problem. Because we look so American, people don't expect us to speak Spanish. So they don't register what we are saying when we speak. But I understand. Every time my companion has her rare moments when she speaks English it never registers and I stand there staring at her thinking "I have never heard that word in Spanish. What language is she speaking..."
 *more staring*
 *10 seconds later*
 "OH. You said CARROT."
 And then she never wants to speak Spanish again.  

Gotta love language barriers. 
This week we didn't really do anything because I got sick. I just happened to be sent on divisions with the sister training leaders the day that I started feeling sick. So we're sitting in a lesson, I'm nauseus and about to die, and I'm trying to teach about the fall of Adam and Eve and the investigator isn't understanding that if we didn't have the sadness we wouldn't know the happiness. My companion has no idea that I'm feeling awful and the lady has to pause the lesson because her son just peed his pants. 5 hours later we ended the lesson, I took 10 steps away from the house, and threw up all over the street. I have to admit, it was pretty funny. Don't worry, I'm fine now. The doctor thought I had a parasite. But I don't. Just a bad case of undercooked oatmeal. 

Yesterday during sacrament meeting I got all teary eyed because the chapel was full of less active members that we've been working with for 3 months. 9 less actives, and even more that are going to come next week. I'm glad I stayed in this area for another transfer. I'll be leaving it loving the people more than I ever have. I got up to bear my testimony, only got one sentence out, and then started to bawl because I was so happy so see so many people there. They probably couldn't understand a word that I said, but I'm sure they got the message from my smiling and crying. 

It's been a good three months. 

I'm gonna go now. 

Love you.

Us hermanas being cool.

"Gordo" The son of Hna. Martha, a convert.
Hermana Murset

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