Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Happy Mother's Day. Yesterday. I'M TRANSFERRING to SABINAS! Mexico

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYYYYY!!!!! I talked to my family yesterday and I forgot to wish all the Mother´s a Happy Mother's Day. I didn't realize until this morning. Then I felt bad.
But as I'm sure you all know, I got to talk to my family yesterday! They got to see my tanlines. I'm sure they were just dying to see them. After we said goodbye and I had to snap back into normal missionary life I went to go sit with my companion while she talked to her family. Man, they were saying things that were worthy of being found in a general conference talk, and I was thinking "I told my family about my throw up story...."

Nothing really happened this week besides getting really sunburt. And let me tell ya, every single person that I saw afterwards told me: "You're burnt." 

But hey, I have news! Today we found out our transfers. I'm sure you're all dying to know. Yeahhhh.... I'm staying in Zaragoza another transfer. It shall now be forever known as Mexico Zaragoza Mission Hermana Murset.

Just kidding, I just pulled all of your legs. I'm leaving! I'm going to a little area (just kidding it's a huge area) called Sabinas. I will be the senior companion of the Hermana that Hermana Peñeranda just finished training. I should probably know her name... hold on. Hermana Sanabría.

I would tell you that Sabinas is a beautiful area, but all I've heard is that it's super hot up there. Everyone keeps telling me good luck with the heat and so that doesn't really boost my confidence. We can't carry around umbrellas to block the heat because then we look like Jehova's Witnesses. Oh welllllll. At least I'm leaving! Wooooo!!!

This first picture is with Hno. Gabriel, the less active that started coming to church again back in January. He's awesome. He told me that he was going to miss me. He told me that there is always a special bond formed when people work together to come closer to God. I'll miss him.

The next picture is of Hna. Barrientos. She's basically like my grandma here in Mexico. She's so sweet and when she found out I was leaving she gave me a huge hug and a kiss and told me to write her. 

I love you all and I hope you have a great week! The next time I write you I'll be dying of the heat!
Hermana Murset

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