Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 24

Day 24. Today on the menu was the choice of a chicken burger, a beef burger, a bacon burger, a veggie burger, and a burger. I ate the fruit burger.
Day 25. Today I ate a burger.
Day 26. Considering changing my last name to "Burger"
Day 27. New on the menu: The Burger Burger. 

Those were my thoughts today. Goodbye.

Just kidding... but really. They have more variety than that with the food, don't worry. I've never consumed so many burgers in my life. Or chocolate milk. Gotta eat, right? Life at the MTC is great and frustrating. Contradictory, right? I'm pretty sure I've said that in every single one of my emails. Bear with me. Currently on the sickness scale I have a cough that won't go away. I cough all night and then in the morning my abs are sore. I pretty much just consider that my workout so I skip gym and take a nap to make up for the sleep I lost while coughing. I figure that counts. 

Nothing really wild happened this week. Oh! Hermana Dalton was sick at the beginning of the week and Hermana Valerio and I were trying to figure out a way so that we could both go to class. Long story short, we called the front desk, they told us to go to some office, we went to that office, they sent us to another office, from that office we went to another office, and from that office we ended up meeting with the MTC President.... Yeah.... I don't exactly know how we got that high up, but we did. And it was awesome. OH! And on that exact same day, my companions and I were walking with some elders from our district, Elder Eves and Elder Morrill, and I was telling a story. We were just about to walk into the lunch room when I was ending the story and I said something that tickled Elder Eves' funny bone. He literally collapsed on the floor in laughter and scrunched up into the fetal position! Elder Morrill ran into the bathroom in embarrassment and I was dying from laughter. One of the senior couples thought Elder Eves was in mortal danger and asked if he needed a doctor. He calmed down after about 5 minutes. It was wild. 

It's getting cold here and I don't like it. Hermana Dalton is always hot and I'm always cold. THIS DOESN'T WORK. But then when she was sick she was cold and I was hot. Hermana Valerio doesn't care. I didn't bring enough cardigans. Oh the horror. 

My Spanish is muy bueno. Jokes. I'm pro at Spanglish. We're not allowed to speak English in the classroom and whenever we do say something in English our teacher says ?Que? Which means "What?" It's very frustrating and causes some un-Christlike thoughts. But I'm learning. This MONTH I will be in Mexico. We don't say that out loud around Hermana Valerio because she freaks out. 

Life is good. I love you all. The MTC is something. Have a great week!

P.S. Dear Elders are my life blood. Thank you for sending them!
Hermana Dalton taking my temperature.  I have been sick since I arrived here at the Provo MTC October 15th.

My district in front of the Provo, Utah Temple.  I'm the one who looks like she's going on a mission to Antarctica.

I'm celebrating our MTC half-way mark with my companions, Hermana Valerio and Hermana Dalton.  We are drinking sparkling cider, and feeling like sinners.  But, if it came with the care package, it must be okay.

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