Monday, December 14, 2015

We Went to Walmart (Saltillo, Coahuila, México)

We went to Walmart today, totally ready to be Americanized. Turns out they sell the exact same stuff that they do in all the stores here. We were quite disappointed. We did find Kraft Mac and Cheese, so the trip wasn't totally wasted.

This week was pretty normal, adjusting to being in a trio again, realizing that I speak Spanglish now. Remember when I was really good at English? Not anymore. 

This week we were walking around, looking for referrals that we had gotten. We weren't finding anybody and we were in a part of our area that doesn't really have work. So like the good senior companion that I am, I said "Let's go wander around and see what we find!" So that's what we did. 

I saw a man outside of his house repairing a door. We mosied (moseyed...) over and started to talk to him. We ended up teaching him and afterwards made another appointment to return. But the day that we had the appointment someone got sick and we couldn't go. But we ran over to his house and left him a note, inviting him to the ward Christmas party that we were going to have. 

We spent the day in the hospital with the sick hermana and were pretty bummed because we didn't get to work. We went to the Christmas party and who do we find? The man! His name is Thomas. And believe me, to find someone who will go to things like that of his own free will... IT'S HARD. So we all nearly leapt with joy and got to work introducing him to the members. He fit in pretty well and within no time he was dressed up as a wise man! It was great. Afterwards he told us that he is planning on buying dress clothes so that he can go to church on Sunday. 
Sometimes wandering around has it's benefits.

I'm doing well, living everyday like I'll never see a gordita again.

4 more months and I will set my feet on the red sand of Utah. But for now I'll be walking along the Mexican earth.

I love you all!

Hermana Murset


Hermana Mis, Thomas, Hermano Sergio (he took the whole wear a costume thing seriously), Hermano Mora, me.

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