Sunday, March 22, 2015

Hi famds. (Family and friends stuck together) Saltillo March 16, 2015

Picture: Me walking dramatically to the place where I write you all. In comparison to the one I sent last week. I think I'm going to have a series of these pictures. 

I just don't understand how sister missionaries surive when they serve in cold countries. Which make me think, will they ever open a mission in Antarctica? Probably not, moving on. 

Today the fog rolled in and I am so glad that I don't have to go out walking until 6. If I could wear pants under my skirt, I would be forever grateful. Right now Hna. Bravo is curled up on the couch listening to the Spanish versions of songs for young women because it's too cold to do anything else. I'm in our study room wearing a sweater given to me by a less acive who refuses to come to church because she still believes in the Virgin Mary. She's really nice. This coat has a built in woolen scarf and makes me look like I've gained 30 pounds. Long story short, I'm cold. 

The past week has been the longest and yet shortest week of my mission. Our Tuesday district meeting feels like it was a month ago, but somehow we go to Monday in the blink of an eye. 

It was a week of HALLELJUAHS because we haven't had any prgoress in our area for 4 weeks, but in just two days we found 6 new people to teach and all of them are amazing. 

One of them, Carolina, was a contact I made in the street when rain, hail, cats, and dogs were dumping down on us. I'm surprised she even listened to us seeing as we had the gall to contact her in that weather. But we made an appointement and when we went to teach her, her daughter joined in as well. They are amazing people. Haha when I invited them to baptism I started off by asking them why Jesus needed to be baptized when He was perfect. I don't know what happened but Carolina responded by telling me that sometimes she can't decide what grocery story to shop at. I sat there for a second thinking "What in the world..." and then nodded like it was the most correct answer in the world and  somehow related it to baptism. Three tries later she stayed on the subject and said yes. Her daughter said yes before I even finished. 

We have tiny hallelujah moments everyday and sometimes you just have to sit on a bench and think about them for a second so that you can get through the rest of the day. But most of the time the benches here are wet from the fog, soooo....

But anyway. Happy 5 months to me yesterday! And happy one month until my birthday and happy one month until I have exactly one year left of my mission! And Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday this week!

I love you all. Even as much as I love flour tortillas. 


Hermana Murset

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