Monday, March 23, 2015


Hey everyone! This is going to be a SUPER short one. But I´ll tell you some of the highlights of my week.

1. Hno. Alberto recieved the priesthood yesterday! He was so nervous and excited. He came to church all decked out in his best clothes. I was so proud. 

2. Another convert who just completed a year became the Bishop´s secretary! My heart was swelling with pride yesterday.

3. This week is the week when I can say that I no long worry about not understanding people when they speak. I´m almost there!

4. The weather is going back to normal! The sun peeked out of the clouds for like, a second. 

5. An American Hermana and I were talking about Lord of the Rings (She´s a nerd) and when she referred to Aragon, she called him Elder Aragon. I was dying. 

And now I´ll send you pictures. Love you all. I¨m still alive. 

Just some of the sights I see everyday. 

Hermana Murset

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