Monday, March 9, 2015

Week of Walking March 2, 2015 Saltillo

Honestly all I can say that I did this week was WALK. I lost all my ballet muscle before I left and now I've gained it back in one week. Miracles do happen.

But before anything, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MMMOOOMMMMMM. You're the best mom I've ever had. :D I made a pathetic little sign to show my love and I didn't even have to ask my companion to translate it for me. Pat on the back for me. I love you a lot! I hope you have a Happy Birthday!!

I feel really bad but I honestly have nothing to write about.... I've gained 5 pounds. 1 pound for every month! I'm going to work it all off with our Insanity CD. Haha who am I kidding, I'm not going to do Insanity. Maybe Zumba. I haven't decided yet. 

Hermana Bravo is full of giggles and sunshine. But if you thought that I didn't like to talk on the phone, she likes it even less. If you thought that I don't like to contact, she likes it even less. Practically everything that I don't like to do, you can see the pattern here. So here's another pat on the back for me because I'm rising above my fears! Yayayaya round of applause! Nah, she's really awesome. We just have to work a little bit harder to get the encouragment to do those things. She wears a lot more colors than I do as well. So she's basically the sunshine in our companionship.

I've learned a lot about patience this week. I want miracles but sometimes the miracle is that I'm progressing little by little everyday. I told that to a less active so I guess I should apply it to myself, right? That less active came to church this Sunday and Hna Bravo and I nearly screamed with excitement when she walked through the door with her daughter! Seeing as we have been trying to find her for MONTHS and after one visit she came. Boy were we glad. 

Go to church. It's good for you. 

Gotta go walk some more! Love you all. Love you, mom. Happy Birthday!!

Hermana Murset

Hermana Bravo is very bright and full of giggles. She makes me practice the lessons everyday, which I don't like, but need to do. She likes to talk about the heirarchy of the mission. She's really good at relating to people and makes them feel comfortable really fast. I'm learning a lot of Spanish from her and she's really awesome! She has really smelly feet though... I'm struggling with that. Haha. And she has a problem with keeping to the mission rules when it comes to our schedule. But we're working on that and we work really well together. 

We don't have any investigators at the moment. All of the ones that we had got baptized! We are looking and looking and looking. And looking. 
We have walked so many miles I can't even count! We have learned a lot about enduring to the end and we're hoping that after all of this comes a miracle. I have literally tried everything. Exact obedience, praying, reading my scriptures, contacting, contacting some more, fasting.... But all in the Lord's time, right? 

But yeah, we don't have anybody progressing at the moment. We'll have to see in the next couple of weeks. We're hoping that this week goes better. 
My Spanish is coming along, Hna Bravo is really helping me with it. 

I'll proabably just have to write you letters to tell you more about the mission because I rarely have any time! 60 minutes goes by super quickly. 
Tell Grandma hi and to get better! I'll send her a letter next week. 
Yay! A new car! I miss driving...
I love you a lot!!!

Hermana Murset

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