Monday, February 16, 2015

No Me Voy Saltillo (Zaragoza)

I'M STAYING IN ZARAGOZA. And I have an American companion. I can't spell her last name and she's actually not with me yet, so I'll keep you updated. Hna. PeƱeranda is off to the North of Norths, is opening an area, AND is going to train again. Haha poor Hermana. This will be her fourth time training. But she's a good trainer and this new Hermana is going to learn  A LOT. A lot a lot. I'm going to miss her, but that's how the mission is, right? Right.

We're planning on baptizing the Reyna family this week whether they like it or not. Just kidding, they want to be baptized, we just have to see if Hno. Reyna can make it through the week without slipping up. Pray for him, he needs it!

The other day we contacted a man and he spent 20 minutes telling us how our eyeballs testify that there is a God. Which, if you think about it is true, but he just took forever and a day to say that. 

I am on a no flour tortillas diet. Wish me luck.

And again, not much has happened this week because we've been in the house because of my companion's foot. She has inflamed tendons or something and it hurts a lot to walk. 

I hope you all had a great Valentines day and that you have an even better President's Day... I finally got my Christmas packages from my mom and my sister so I turned on my Christmas music, set up the tree I recieved and opened my presents while my companion rolled her eyes and helped herself to the candy I recieved. 

Oh my, my training is done! I just remembered, haha. I've learned a lot in these past 12 weeks. I've definitely grown as a person and as a missionary. I didn't realize how much I had progressed until I went on splits with our sister training leader in my area and I wasn't even scared to lead everything. It was like clockwork. The only way I can go is up, right? 

I promise I'll have more exciting things next week. If I don't, I'll make something up. Just kidding. 

Love you! Happy President's day! Be safe doing whatever you do on President's Day....
Christmas seven weeks later...
Thanks for the packages!
I'm trying to stay away from these.
They are too delicious. 

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