Monday, February 9, 2015

SHORTY January 26, 2015 Saltillo

I don't really have time to write but I just wanted to send a few words and a couple of pictures. We had two baptisms!! Goodness these people are amazing. Practically their whole family didn't support them in their baptisms but they stood up for themselves and went through with it anyway. I love them to death. 

I realized the other day that I'm halfway fluent in Spanish. After almost four months? That's a long time in missionary time. But I'm grateful for what I know.

I'm a tortilla snob. I never knew that existed, but it does. If they're too thick I can't pick up food with them and if they're not hot I'm annoyed. I'm going to be one of THHOOSSSEEE missionaries. 

We're pretty certain that my companion is going to be transfered in Feb. The president practically told us, so yeah. But I'm not worried anymore, I can make it on my own without her! Hopefully my next companion will cook as well as her. :D And hopefully I won't blow our area up if I stay here............

It's cold and wet here, but I know have the art of dressing warmly down, so I'm all good. It's all about the layering, ya know?

I hope all of you are well and warm! 

The first picture is of Hna. Martha and her daughter, Yudith. The second picture is of her husband and her son (who loves me). She has another daughter but she is pro at avoiding pictures. 

Have a great week!

Hermana Murset

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