Monday, February 9, 2015

Oh Hi. Week 11. Dun dun duuunnnnnn...... February 9, 2015 Saltillo

Week 11. Dun dun duuunnnn..... 
Week 11 is when your companion hands you the cellphone and the responsibility and DOESN'T HELP YOU AT ALL. Just kidding it wasn't that bad. Except when I make phone calls it's a lot of awkward "whats" because sometimes people don't talk slow like they did in the MTC. 

We actually had two other sisters staying with us because of medical stuff and one day we decided to go on splits because they were sick of being cooped up in the house. So I got to be a legitamite senior companion for a day. Lemme tell ya, it was a bit terrifying. All of the sudden you're put in charge of miles and miles of streets and you realize how small you are in the world and how you don't know where anything is. But I acted confident and blabbered in Spanish like I knew what I was doing and the other Hermana seemed pretty convinced. 

We don't have any new investigators because, well, nobody is ever home when we go to visit them! But our investigator family, the Reyna's, are progressing! The hermana is probably going to get baptized this week and so we are very happy :) The hermano still has a problem with the word of wisdom, so we're going to work on that. They are good people and I love them a lot. 

Transfers are next week! So far I've been in the safety bubble of being a greenie missionary in training, but this next transfer I have no idea what's in store for me! It's scary, lemme tell ya. I have to have a loooottt of faith. Hermana Peñaranda has faith in me, so that's good.

Not much has happened this week because my companion hurt her foot and she's supposed to rest for SEVEN days. Minimum. So far I've read half the Bible and most of the Bible dictionary. We're on day 3. Pray for me. 

Love you all and I hope your Valentines Day is filled with chocolate and pink stuff! 

This picture is evidence that I was called to the right mission. 

Hermana Murset

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