Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Jack and Jill Went Up the Hill (August 26, 2015) Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

So our area has a lot of steep hills. 'Nuff said. 

This week was GREAT. I know I didn't write on Monday, don't worry I didn't die. Well almost, skipping P day does that to you. We switched our P day to Wednesday so we could go to the huge Desert Museum that they have here. But that hasn't happened yet, so I won't talk about that. 

Last week I went on splits with my MTC companion, Hermana Valerio! It was awesome. She's in a really remote area so I actually ended up staying with her for about two days being sister training leader-ish. It was pretty fun. She's doing awesome, which I was glad to see. 

Then we had stake conference and our golden investigator, Alicia, came. She also brought her daughter, Lety. Lety is 32 and has Downs-syndrome. We talked to our mission president and he told us that Lety doesn't need to be baptized because she is innocent. That was something pretty cool to tell Alicia. That put a huge smile on her face. After the conference we took her to meet President Rodriguez and he asked her when she was getting baptized and she excitedly said "September 12th!" When we went to go visit her afterwards we asked her what she had liked about the conference and she said "That everybody knows that this church is true." 
She's great.

Then yesterday we went to go teach a lesson to a lady named Elizabeth. Her story is the perfect example of when members and missionaries work together. Hna Julieta (the member) was going to give us lunch, but then she couldn't do it so she slyly asked her neighbor, Elizabeth, to do it. So we met her and she was super nice, we shared a little message and she invited us to come back. My companion and another sister went (I was on splits) and taught about prayer. 

So yesterday when we went to teach her, she told us an amazing story about an experience that she had had about prayer. She had gotten in a huge fight with her son to the point that we walked out of the house with the intention of never coming back. She was so sad and didn't know what to do, but then she thought about us and that we had taught her to pray. So she said a little prayer and promised that if God would send her son back, then she would keep listening to us. Within two seconds of saying her prayer, her son walked in the door. 
This is what happened when I invited her to get baptized:
"Hermana, will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being bapt-"
Now that's what I'm talking about.

I feel extremely blessed in my mission. I know that I still have 8 months left, but I can feel the time slipping through my fingers. But every single day I can feel my testimony growing stronger. I now understand the WHY of things. And I'm certainly glad I came because who knows where I would be if I hadn't come. 

I love you all and I hope that you are doing well! Sorry if I never have any time to write to respond, but I promise I am thinking of you.

-Hermana Murset

Me looking all happy and fresh in the morning.

What happens to me when we get home.

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