Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Enduring to the End. And a Little Bit More. Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

​I would have written sooner but I was SUPER hungry so we stopped and ate some burritos. Now I'm full and happy and ready to write.

Saturday I had a pretty awesome experience due to having Alicia's baptism that day. 😁 She decided to get baptized in the morning (In cold water. Her choice.) When she came out in her white dress, BAM, I imagined her in the temple. A while ago we had a 70 come to our mission and talk about a talk called "Starting with the end in mind." Which means that when you start to teach people the gospel, you should teach them with the final goal in mind; the temple. I remember that I had a mid-mission crisis because I realized that the people I was teaching probably weren't progressing towards that, and I was sad because I knew it was going to be hard to find someone that would accept the gospel wholeheartedly and want to go to the temple. UNTIL we found Alicia. She accepted everything in a heartbeat. And after her baptism I asked her how she felt and she said:
"I have been to a lot of churches and I can say that I believe... no, not believe, I testify that this is the true church." 
She's as eloquent as she is amazing. 
Anyway, I love her a lot and I can't wait until she can go to the temple. 

This week has been pretty normal. The first part of the week we were running to and fro, trying to get all the missionaries where they should be, we had 3 sister missionaries that were ending their missions staying at our house (a lot of tears), and then all of the sudden we turned into a trio. Hermana Cano is pretty awesome, so it's not that bad. She's just a little traumatized right now because Hna. Roberts and I walk SUPER fast (habit) and we leave her lagging behind a lot. We're trying to slow down, I promise. 

Nobody got bit by a dog this week, thank goodness. We did get greeted by a well-meaning women who said "Hello my beautiful virgins!" 
My clothes are starting to show the wear of having them for a year and Hermana Roberts has restorted to sewing up her shoes. We also attended a baptism were a lady gave a talk about how potty training is like enduring to the end. She got very emotional and it was weirdly inspiring. 
It was a pretty normal week. 

I love you all! I hope you are all enjoying the ice cream there in the states. It's not very good here, but their burritos make up for it. 

-Hermana Murset

Alicia!!!!! She's so angelic looking. Hermana Roberts and I don't usually look that put together, but we made an extra effort. 

Alicia again!!! She taught us how to make donuts. 

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