Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Dark Side of the Moon (September 28th, 2015) Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Last night as we were walking home I looked up at the moon and saw that a part of it was black. I thought that was pretty weird, but I kept walking. A few minutes later I looked at it again and it was even more dark. And like a 14th century person with no knowledge of science, I thought: "THE WORLD IS ENDING." But then I realized that what I was seeing was an eclipse, and not the end of the world. 
It was scary. 
Today we are moving houses. BAH. Moving. I never thought I would have to do it, but here I am, wrapping stuff up with newspaper and packing them into boxes. The place that we're moving into is a little house in front of a metal business where they make those chairs that we have in the states that have metal stars. There are security cameras and everything, so I'm pretty sure we're going to be safe. 
Nothing has changed in this week. Hermana Roberts and I still walk fast and Hermana Cano still runs to catch up with us. I caught a cold and I've been suffering, but THE SHOW MUST GO ON. 
Ummmm..... I feel like I have more to say but it's really just been a normal week. A normal week and a Mexican night! They were celebrating the Mexico indepenence day and we dressed up and ate really good tacos. Us missionaries aren't allowed to dance, so we just watched. It was really great. 
I hope you are all well and happy! Be sure to watch General Conference. I hope my mom makes the traditional orange rolls and that President Uchtdorf talks about planes. 

Nos vemos!

Love, Hermana Murset

Hermana Salazar, Hermana Roberts, a random girl that I don't know, Hermana Cano, and Hermana Flores. Noche Mexicana!

The eclipse when it was ending. 

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