Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Pica? (August 31, 2015) Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

I remember the first time that I wanted a bag of Cheetos. I was looking through the bags of Cheetos, trying to find what I wanted. But bag after bag, "Cheetos with Chili" "Cheetos with Habañero" "Cheetos with every spicy thing you can imagine." I remember throwing up my hands, turning to my trainer and saying in English "WHAT IS WITH EVERYONE AND CHILI." And she just stared at me because I said it in English. I was frustrated.
But I ate a jalapeño yesterday so I guess I'm over it. 

This past week was pretty good. We went to the Desert Museum to celebrate my companion's birthday. That's why I wrote on Wednesday. It was pretty fun, full of stuff about deserts. I think I was more excited at the end when I found out that they had a zoo-like thing that included GRIZZLY BEARS. Oh, and when I went to the gift shop. I bought a t shirt. It's a weakness. 

This Sunday was pretty comical. We brought 4 people to church, and when we showed up, there was five people in the chapel and it was already to start. Then people started trickling in and we started to sing the hymn, accompanied on the piano by a sister that plays the hymns like we're at a ragtime dance. Then the bishop got up to give a talk and started getting after everyone in his very loud voice "WHY ARE YOU ALL COMING LATE TO CHURCH."  Then another ragtime hymn. Then we went off to Gospel Principles and learning about gospel stuff, taught using primarily scribbles on the chalk board. We were pretty excited to move onto Relief Society because usually we have a normal experience there, but then they started to plan our missionary activity and it turned into a wild event with people yelling "WHO'S GOT THE NAPKINS?" "I'VE GOT THE NAPKINS." "DORIS STOP TALKING." 
But our investigators seemed to have a great time. 

This week was really just me realizing how many weird experiences I have everyday. I'm having a good time though. 
I don't have much to write today, everything is going well. I've still got some crazy tan lines, so nothing is new. 

I love you all!

--Hermana Murset


Everywhere the sun touches is my area. Oh, and there's a live ram.

I'll just let that picture explain itself. 

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