Monday, March 7, 2016

A fin se acerca y hay poco tiempo (Oceania, Saltillo, Coahuila, México) February22, 2016

I´ll be honest and say that I really didn´t think all that much about what I was going to write this week... soooo....

BUT. I got to go visit Zaragoza (for like the 50th time) and I took some pictures. I went to go visit the Esparza family and when I came into the house Abdiel, their little boy, yelled "HERMANA MURSET!" I nearly died. They must have been teaching him how to say my name. I took a video of him saying it, don´t worry.

I also got to see my convert Tomas!! I went to a baptism and he was there in his white shirt and tie. He has a calling in the ward and he proudly told me that he hadn´t missed a Sunday since his baptism. I was so proud and I almost cried. 

Next week I wil be starting my last transfer, and before you know it, I´ll be home and you won´t be able to get rid of me! 

I love you all. I promise.

Hermana Murset

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