Monday, March 7, 2016

It's Raining, It's Snowing....What. (Oceania, Saltillo, Coahuila, México) February 1, 2016

So the other day we woke up, and it was pretty chilly outside. So we turned on the heater at full blast because we like to save energy, when all of the sudden Elder Ninataype (the assistant and one of the missionaries that we share the area with) called us and yelled "IT´S SNOWING!" He´s from northern Utah so this was a pretty big deal for him. And yes indeed, it was snowing. I´m pretty sure that the news of snow got on the top news and got put in the history books of Saltillo.
I would have you know that two days later I was walking around in a short sleeve shirt.
But it was cool, I have to admit. I never thought I would see snow while I was on my mission. I still haven´t written about it in my journal, though. Pecador... (Sinner...)
This week was pretty slow, but we did find a super awesome family! Their daughter has already been going to church with her grandma in a different stake. The missionaries had visited them a bunch of times, but the dad would always say nooo. But when we stopped by for our appointment, he stopped what he was doing, sat down, listened to our message, and accepted a baptismal date. You should have seen the look on his wife´s face, her eyes were bugging out from surprise, haha. We´ll see how it goes, but I have faith that they´ll progress.
This transfer is going by SO FAST. I think Hermana Novoa can feel my anxiety because I am constantly barging down the streets, knocking on doors, and demanding to be let in. Haha maybe not exactly like that, but almost. I´m just glad to be here and I´m going to make the most of the time I have left.
I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week and I will see you in a few.
Hermana Murset
1. It wasn´t really snowing when we took the picture, but it was a real deal. Oh, and I got bangs. But they look horrible because I was soaking wet at the time. The mission isn´t a fashion show, folks.
2. The day after.

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