Sunday, August 2, 2015

Where's Your Umbrella? (July 6, 2015) Sabina, Coahuila, Mexico

Everyone asks us why we don't carry around umbrellas. It gets old after awhile. But I guess we should use them. Something about the sun and skin cancer...

WELL THIS WEEK HAS BEEN GREAT. I don't really have any great stories. But I will try.

The other day we were walking along the road after a long day of trekking around Sabinas. A man passed by us and greeted us very enthusiastically, saying "Hello hermanas!!!!!" So we started talking to him and within 10 seconds gave us his address, his phone number, and his full name. Well, guess we've got to visit him! 

Then the next day our district leader called us and said "I have a reference for you." Then he started reciting the information of the same exact man! Well, I guess we've got to visit him! We passed by once. He wasn't home. We passed by a second time, he wasn't home. Well, 10th time's the charm!

We also found a man that has all the church's books. He's studied them and knows a whole bunch. We're going to visit him today. 

We've been visiting a less active that has been operated on who knows how many times and right now he is healing. Every time we go we sit down, he demands us to sing and pray, then he starts ranting about tithing or fasting or whatever you can think of, and we sit there and listen. 

The first time we went he told us that he doesn't believe in prophets and that the Book of Mormon is all lies. So then we asked the branch president if he knows that this member has been yelling apostasy at the missionaries and he just nodded, shrugged, and said "It's the old age." BAH.

I have been drilling Hna. Luna on the first lesson. We both now have almost all of it memorized. And when they tell you that you need to study before and then the Spirit will put the words in your mouth, IT'S TRUE. Hna. Luna is awesome and is always willing to give her part in the lesson when I give her the "look". I knew that "look" very well with Hna. Penaranda and now she will know it very well with me. :D 

We contacted a man the other day that said no to our message because he told us that he likes to be drunk all day. I told him that our message helps improve the quality of your life and when he decides to change his, he knows how to get to the chapel.

We are starting to enter the 45 day period known as "canicula" Really that just means that the only people who are out in the streets are the missionaries and the dogs. 

Speaking of dogs, as we were walking to church yesterday a little puppy started following us! It followed us all the way to the chapel, but we didn't let it go inside. It wasn't out there when we got out, but the members said that it was sitting out there for quite some time, waiting. IT MELTS MY HEART. 

And that's my week for ya. I'm learning a lot and I'm gaining a stronger testimony each and every day. You have no idea. The mission is awesome and in NINE DAYS I'M HALF WAY THROUGH. 

I know that God is our Eternal Father. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and the Savior and Redeemer of the world. And really, I'm glad to be their representative. 

Love you all!

Sorry for any spelling errors I might have made. I don't know why, but I'm really self concious about that. 
Sabinas looking dramatic. 

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