Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 1 Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico

Name that movie. Mulan. 

Don't you worry, everyone! I'm alive! And boy am I in heaven because the weather is wonderful here. I'll probably get home from my mission and just talk about the weather all the time. Actually, that is the number one conversation topic in Sabinas. 

I'm feeling pretty good. Probably because we havn't started going on splits with the sisters yet. That starts tomorrow. The next Monday I'll probably have a whole email about how tired I am and how I'm not going to live through the normal 6 months of having this calling. 

I suppose I should explain what a sister training leader is because I forget that mission culture is not known worldwide. Basically what we do is we call the sisters to see how they're doing, we work with the mission president so that we can make the sister's missions awesome, and we go to the sister's areas and work with them for a day and train them on what they need help with. 

Basically we're just running around all the time. Currently we are bummed because we never have any time to write in our journals. How are my descendants going to know what I ate that day or how many dogs tried to bite us? 

Hermana Roberts is AWESOME. I feel a little weird having a companion that knows what I'm saying when I mutter in English. But she's really awesome and a really hard worker. She's also super blond so people yell at us everyday in the streets "GUERA" or "BLOND" You get used to it after a while. We are both pretty new to this calling, so we're learning together. 

We have good investigators, but I don't really know them all that well. The members are pretty cool. I'm back to the fatty food of Saltillo. We'll see how this goes. 
I can see my old area when we are at the top of my area. It's so tempting. 

Anyway, I'm good. I feel very blessed to be in this calling and I hope that I can do it WELL. 
The church is true. God lives. Jesus Christ is our Savior. 

I love you all!!

-Hermana Murset

P.S. The whole mission has been having a debate about how my last name is pronounced. I just let them pronounce it however they want and when someone pointed out that it's "MurSET" a lot of people felt betrayed. 


Hermana Roberts and I!! We hadn't taken a picture so we took one a second ago in our p-day glory.

Adriana, Coralia, and Pablito. Investigators that I love dearly. 

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